About the country

Traveling through Slovenia you can admire Alpine peaks and valleys, Pannonian lowlands and hills, rich, deep forests, the Adriatic Sea, numerous lakes, rivers and meadows and of course, the authentic Karst world with its stone, terra rossa soil and above all, its magnificent caves. The diversity of Slovenia is also visible in the character of our charming towns and cities…

Food and wine

Slovenia is divided into 24 gastronomic regions. Here you can look at a selection of dishes which in our opinion represents our cuisine in its most tasty, diverse and authentic manner. If your mouth is watering while looking at our pictures, we’ve accomplished our mission: to present the food in a way that you would be able to sense its taste and flavours even through the screen of your device.

People of Slovenia

Slovenia’s diversity offers a great opportunity to meet different people whose life is tightly connected with growing, harvesting or preparing food. Travelling through different regions of Slovenia you will have the chance to meet them and open as they are; they will gladly share some secrets with you.

Useful Information

Here we gathered some useful information about the county, border formalities, visas etc. to help you plan your journey.