my name is Barbara Zmrzlikar and I’m the creator and managing director of “Taste & Travel Slovenia”.

My enthusiasm for new discoveries, quality food and wine inspired me to change my career. Leaving the long lasting position of a marketing director at one of a region biggest retail chain I started “Taste & Travel Slovenia” to share my passion about Slovenia and its tastes with you.

My whole life is a journey;

not just around, but also within. The more I travelled around, the more deeply I felt connected to my homeland; to all the treasures hidden within. Consequently my tours are just the reflection of inner beauty found on this path.

I travelled around the world in many different ways: alone, backpacking with friends, as part of an organized group and as business traveller. I experienced the pros and cons of each different form: the beauty of freedom when travelling solo, the charm of spontaneity when backpacking, the calming safety of organized tours and the unexpected luxury of business travel.

On the other hand, I experienced hours or even days spent waiting for proper connections when travelling without plans, disappointments of poor eating experiences caused by lack of time to discover better options, unpleasant accommodation surprises when searching for pristine authentic experiences, feeling of disconnection from the people and the place when travelling with big groups, and emptiness of business travel where all the luxury is just yours with no family or friends to share it with.

My mission is to create unique travel and culinary experience, maximizing all the pros and deleting all the cons of each different travel form. This is how I prefer to travel and my personal vision of how to experience Slovenia in the most exciting, memorable way. I consider the effort put in organizing and executing my tours as my personal contribution to present Slovenia in its best way and to rank it as high as possible on the culinary and travel list.

People often ask me why “taste and travel”? The answer is simple: beside amazing nature, Slovenia has really great food! And it is the combination of traveling and tasting that makes the experience really juicy! There is no better way to feel the country than by tasting its characteristic food and wine while being out in nature or mingling with locals.

There is so much to see and taste in Slovenia and it would be my greatest pleasure to share all this with you.


Barbara Zmrzlikar

My approach

My focus is quality over quantity. I always take time to develop, taste and test the new tour. I never go blind, following “the most famous” places to stay and eat. I test everything; sometimes I’m satisfied, sometimes not.

Often I’m in a dilemma what to include into the tour since there are plenty of excellent options but not enough time to experience them all. Hospitality, quality of the food, authenticity and uniqueness of the experience are my highest ranked criterions. Among all options satisfying those criterions I’m doing my best to pick up those that jointly present Slovenia and its diversity in a most memorable travel and culinary experience.